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  • Ever since I was a kid, I wanted to work with animals – first as a vet, then as a groomer. I’ve been working as a groomer for 18 years now (talk about dreams coming true!) I have a Shih Tzu mix and a cat, and if I’m not watching the New York Yankees, I’m kicking back and coloring. 
  • My favorite tip for pet owners is to brush and comb your pet as much as you do yourself.



  • I’ve been working as a groomer for more than 14 years now. Sheesh! Time flies when you’re having fun! I was born in Forsyth, Georgia and I wanted to be a jockey when I was a kid, but I quickly realized that grooming is much more fun. I enjoy outdoor and water hobbies and playing with my pug poodle mix.
  • My favorite tip for pet owners is to get on a regular grooming schedule and discuss with the groomer at-home maintenance tips.



  • When I was a kid, I wanted to work with animals, so I decided to make the switch and become a professional groomer over a year ago. When I’m not working, I’m at home playing with my Shih Tzu terrier mix or watching Tampa Bay Lightning.
  • My favorite tip for pet owners is: Brush your pets regularly.
Ally groomer (1)



  • I’ve been working as a groomer for six years, and I have four dogs, three cats, and a snake at home. I enjoy watching TV, especially when the Tampa Bay Lightning is playing. I know sign language and help care for two disabled brothers on days off.
  • My favorite tip for pet owners is to play with your dog’s feet to get them used to having their feet touched by a groomer or a vet.



  • I was born in Alabama and I wanted to be in the military until I discovered how much I love animals. Today I have several cats (you can never have too many cats!). Everyone knows I’m a huge Auburn Tigers fan, but not everyone knows I can sing really well (No, for real!)
  • My favorite tip for pet owners: Stick to a regular grooming schedule and your pet will live a happy mat-free life.



  • I’m a Florida native, mom to 4 children ranging from 2 to 17 and serious animal lover. We have 2 dogs, 3 cats, 2 bearded dragons, 2 cockatiels, 2 snakes and several fish tanks.
  • I’ve been grooming dogs for 14 years, starting in 2008 when I apprenticed under a NDGAA Master Groomer. Friends often tease that I love animals more than people.



  • I’ve been grooming for 15+ years. My first job work with animals was at an animal shelter in the late 90s. I like camping and going to Busch Gardens.
  • My tip is stay on a regular grooming schedule.



  • I’ve been grooming pets professionally for 32 years (Yes, really!). I was born in Germany, and I lived in Israel, Texas, Georgia, and Virginia, and ​​I used to do the electronics on cars and river ships. I have a dog and a cat – and they love each other!
  • My favorite tip for pet owners: Many pets need encouragement when you first introduce them to a grooming routine – so don’t hold back!



  • I’ve been working as a groomer for 34 years and still love my job. A career with endless rewards. I have a Schnauzer and a Chihuahua but consider my 4 legged clients as my extended family. My likes are nature, kayaking, fishing.
  • My tips would be regularly scheduled visits with coat care, at home, in between.



  • I’ve been working as a groomer for five years now, which makes sense considering I dreamed about being a vet when I was a kid. When I’m not fangirling at car shows, I play with my cats, design my own tattoos, or watch Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
  • My favorite tip for pet owners: Brush your pet regularly to make your life easier!
Laura (1)



  • I am a mom of two sons and two daughters-in-law; yes, I actually like them. They have blessed me with two grandbabies and hopefully more to come. I love cruising in my 66 Mustang and listening to local bands on the weekend. I enjoy throwing a line out and bass fishing, and I’m always looking forward to that next vacation and making memories.
  • The best part of my job is talking to all of our customers. We have had some fun and interesting conversations, along with some tears. Working for Angie’s Mobile Pet Styling is amazing, and I do all of this from my office in Indiana! I have known Angie for 52 years. We were born 52 days apart and she is my ride-or-die cousin. I am so proud of all she has accomplished in life.
Michelle (1)



  • I was a customer of Angie’s when she asked me if I would work for her. I’m so happy I did. It has been a lot of fun and very interesting talking to our customers and sharing stories about our fur babies. I have 3 fur babies of my own: two Pomeranians and one Chihuahua.
  • I am married and have one step-daughter who is also married and has given me my first grand dog (A Frenchie named Frankie LOL). I love interior decorating, football, and anything fun!



  • I was born in Stratford, Connecticut, but I lived in Clearwater and Palm Harbor. I graduated from Clearwater high school in 1977 and went on to earn my bachelor’s degree at the University of South Florida. I have a westie, Seamus.
  • My favorite tip for pet owners is that dogs with dense hair can usually be brushed fortnightly, but long-haired dogs will need to be brushed weekly.


Office Staff

  • I was born in Michigan Bloomfield Hills area my dad had several race horses, it was fun growing up taking care of them and watching them race and learn a lot about them. We have also had many dogs through out the years I’m a dog lover,they are great!
  • We moved to Florida when I was in my 20’s I owned several businesses over the years and sold them. Now I’m in charge of Angie’s credit card department, I still love to go to Tampa Bay, Downs sometimes and watch the horses run when it’s live racing brings back memories.


Builds and maintains trucks

  • They call me The Clipper Guy. I was born in New York, but I lived in Mastic Beach, Brooklyn, and Port Richey. I enjoy playing handball and spending time with my cats. People say I’m a really good communicator and listener.
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Repairs generators

    • I was born in Tampa, Florida, and I wanted to be a pilot when I was a kid. I enjoy watching races and Tampa Bay Buccaneers play.
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