Angie’s Mobile Pet Styling | Dunedin, FL

Angie’s Mobile Pet Styling | Dunedin, FL

Angie’s Mobile Pet Styling offers quality contactless mobile pet styling in Dunedin, Florida, in a stress-free, 100% safe environment. With more than 25 years of experience and a particular focus on fine hand scissoring and breed profiling, we take great pride in the exceptional quality of care we provide to the furry members of your family.

Our vehicle is fully equipped to help pets maneuver easily and enhance the groomer’s ability to ensure all of their needs are met. Our tools and stations are cleaned after each appointment to guarantee safe one-on-one care in the comfort of your driveway. Leave the hassle to our professional, experienced groomers staff, and pamper your pets with highly organized, professional animal grooming.

Mobile Pet Styling Dunedin Florida

Mobile Pet Service

Making sure your furry friend is happy means keeping them well-groomed, but taking them away from home to get bathed and brushed can turn into a stressful day both for them and you. Angie’s Mobile Pet Styling brings the warm water tanks, a comfortable tub and trim station, and a full supply of grooming products and tools to your door without compromising professional quality services.

Cat Grooming

No more squeezing hours out of your busy schedule for driving in unpredictable traffic with an anxious cat in your car. We are focused on creating a stress and anxiety-free experience for your pet throughout Dunedin, Florida.

Angie’s Mobile Pet Styling | Dunedin, FL

Pet Nail Trim

Trimming the nails is an essential part of the grooming process. With more than two decades of experience, our friendly, affectionate staff guarantees a paw-sitively painless experience. Professional nail trimming reduces the chance of pain and infection from ingrown nails, giving you peace of mind without the hassle of doing it yourself.

Pet’s Fur Trim

Even if you give your pet a lot of attention at home, the gentle care of brushing and grooming can relax your pet. Not only will they look great, but they will feel great as well. Our groomers are familiar with most breed standards and are highly experienced with the more popular breeds. 

Pet Hair Dematting

Mats can make your pet uncomfortable when walking or moving, even if you brush them regularly. Most owners brush only the top coat, leaving the undercoat full of tangles without being aware that the hair is matted. Angie’s Mobile Pet Styling will help you keep the fur clean and prevent fleas from taking hold. For best results, Angie recommends pairing our dematting service with a pet bath and shampoo for a clean coat that’s easy to manage.

Pet Baths

Save yourself the mess and stress of trying to give your pet a bath at home. We at Angie’s Mobile Pet Styling focus on offering the highest quality pet-safe shampoo and coat-treatment products in Dunedin, Florida.

Pet Mobile Teeth Cleaning

When rough tartar accumulates on tooth surfaces and touches the gum line, it can cause bad breath, tooth decay, and gingivitis. We will gently brush away plaque, tartar, and bacteria to ensure the lifelong health of your beloved animal.

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