Angie’s Mobile Pet Styling | Land O’ Lakes

Angie’s Mobile Pet Styling | Land O’ Lakes

Quality and variety are the cornerstones of Angie’s Mobile Pet Styling with new services and offerings being added on a regular basis to our customers in mobile pet styling Land O’ Lakes, Florida

With more than 25 years of professional experience and a particular focus on fine hand scissoring and breed profiling, Angie and her team are the go-to mobile pet salon and favorite stylists of pets throughout Land O’Lakes, Florida. If you want to pamper your furry little friend, here is a quick overview of all the services available completely at your convenience. 

Mobile Pet Styling

Not so long ago, taking a pet to a salon used to be a full-day job – from covering the seats, getting your furry friend into the car, sitting still for eternity in traffic, then in the waiting room of the salon with other owners and their agitated pets, and then doing it all over again on your way back home. 

This experience can be exhausting for humans, especially for your pet who does not understand what is going on. The good news is that the salon can come right to your driveway and give your pet a spa day while you run your do laundry, catch up on your emails, relax in the garden, or read a book.

Angie’s Mobile Pet Styling | Land O' Lakes

Cat Grooming

Even though cats are known for being meticulous self-groomers, even your feline family member could use some help every now and then. And if you ever tried giving your cat a bath, you know just how much they dislike water. 

Instead of going through the ordeal by yourself and suffering through endless scratching and fighting, let Angie’s Mobile Pet Styling take care of it for you. After 25 years of working with cats, we know all the tricks to turn the experience into a comfortable one.

Pet Nail Trimming

The most common complaint we get from new and experienced pet owners alike is that they get anxious when it comes to trimming their pet’s nails. Knowing just how much is enough to get the job done without hurting your furry friend is a balancing act. The safest solution is having Angie’s Mobile Pet Styling take care of it for you. Angie also offers Nail Dremeling upon request!

Angie’s Mobile Pet Styling | Land O' Lakes

Pet Fur Trimming

From poodle cuts and lion manes to full haircuts or just a little fuzz control, Angie can make sure your pet is looking and feeling stylish and adorable, no matter their size, shape, or type of fur. 

Pet Hair Dematting

If you do not brush your pet on a regular basis and thoroughly enough, its fur can get tangled and then matted. This is more than an aesthetic issue – matted fur can cause discomfort and pain to your pet and it is best to leave dematting to a professional. Angie’s goal is to help free your pet from discomfort, so she charges low rates by the minute, which means you’ll only pay for as many mats as she removes. 

Pet Baths

It is not really a spa day if there is no relaxing bath, and we definitely recommend you treat your pet to a bath. We use only the highest quality shampoos to make sure your furry friend looks and smells fresh. 

Pet Mobile Teeth Cleaning

Oral hygiene is one of the most important elements of your pet’s overall health. We gently brush away plaque, tartar, and bacteria to help prevent problems with bad breath and tooth decay. Oral cleaning is one of our mobile pet styling Land O’ Lakes services offered.

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