Angie’s Mobile Pet Styling | Oldsmar, FL

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Angie’s Mobile Pet Styling | Oldsmar, FL

Angie’s Mobile Pet Styling offers premium grooming services at your convenience in Oldsmar, Florida. With more than 25 years of professional experience, Angie specializes in fine hand scissoring and breed profiling. Keeping a well-groomed pet means having your furry friend’s coat and skin healthy. We put together a list of services to help you achieve just that. 

Mobile Pet Service

If you can’t make it to a pet salon, don’t sweat it! With Angie’s Mobile Pet Styling, you can treat your pet to a spa day at your own convenience wherever you are in Oldsmar, Florida. This means you no longer have to worry about taking two trips with an anxious pet, getting stuck in traffic, or having your furry friend confined in a cage until you pick them up. Instead, kick back, relax, and catch up on your reading, knowing your pet is safe and content in your driveway. 

Angie’s van is equipped with everything you came to expect from a grooming salon, including full tanks of warm water, a spacious tub and trim station, pet-friendly grooming products, and equipment. All of the equipment is sanitized after each appointment, and our services are fully contactless to ensure maximum safety and protection. 

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Cat Grooming

If you ever tried to give your feline a bath or a haircut, you know it can quickly turn into a stressful, often painful endeavor. Instead of doing it yourself, let Angie handle the tricky part with all the attention and treats your cat deserves. 

Pet Nail Trim

Most pet owners get squirmish when it comes to trimming their pet’s nails. Some are afraid they will cause their furry friend discomfort or pain, while others are not sure how much they should cut the nails. If left untrimmed, however, your pet’s nails can damage your floors or furniture. In a low-stress environment, Angie will trim your pet’s claws without hurting them, so you no longer have to worry about any of it. 

Pet’s Fur Trim

Angie offers a wide range of fur trim and styling services to match your pet’s personality and your personal preferences. Our most important goal is to make sure your pet is stylish and adorable, even the fussiest ones. 

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Pet Hair Dematting

No one will deliberately let their furry friend’s fur mat and tangle. However, despite regular brushing, tangles in the undercoat fur can go unnoticed. Matted hair can cause discomfort and make movements painful for your pet, and removing tangles is never easy for an inexperienced owner. Instead of trying to do it on your own, let Angie take care of this hairy business for the most enjoyable experience.

Pet Baths

With tanks full of warm water and the best hair products, Angie’s Mobile Pet Styling will make sure your pet looks good, smells good, and feels good. Once they are fresh and clean, Angie will blow dry them in your driveway wherever you are in Oldsmar, Florida, instead of leaving them to air dry. 

Pet Mobile Teeth Cleaning

Angie offers pet teeth cleaning in a stress-free environment. She will gently brush the plaque and tartar, which in turn will reduce the chances of your pet ending up with an infection, tooth decay, or gingivitis.

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