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Angie’s Mobile Pet Styling | Safety Harbor, FL

Angie’s Mobile Pet Styling has been offering a variety of grooming services for more than 25 years, with a particular focus on fine hand scissoring and breed profiling throughout Safety Harbor, FL. We guarantee exceptional quality and care for the furry member of your family, completely at your convenience. Read on to find out more about some of the services for both dogs and cats.

Mobile Pet Styling

For those days when you can’t make it to the pet salon, have the pet salon come right to your driveway and treat your pet to a spa day while you run your errands, relax in the garden, or read a book. Our grooming van is equipped with warm water tanks, state-of-the-art grooming products, and spacious, safe trim stations and tubs. 

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Cat Grooming

Cats are avid self-groomers, so it is no wonder that giving your cat a bath can turn into a nightmare. Here at Angie’s Mobile Pet Styling, we aim to provide comfortable service your cat will actually enjoy, with plenty of attention and affection. Don’t worry, we won’t forget tasty treats they deserve.

Pet Nail Trimming

The fact that you decided not to declaw your pet is commendable. While this is beyond humane, it does not mean your pet will suddenly stop scratching your furniture just to show appreciation for your humane act. Instead of dealing with floor and furniture scratches, let Angie trim your pet’s claws in a stress-free environment without hurting them. 

Nail Dremeling available upon request!

Pet Fur Trimming

From poodle cuts to lion manes, full haircuts, to just a little fuzz control, Angie’s Mobile Pet Styling offers a range of styling services personalized to match your pet’s needs and preferences. 

Pet Hair Dematting

Many pets tend to become matted very easily, especially if they get wet, or if they are not brushed regularly and properly. As a result, these tangles can make movement very uncomfortable and actually hurt your pet. Removing the tangles, on the other hand, can also cause a lot of discomfort and pain. Instead of tackling it on your own, let Angie’s Mobile Pet Styling do it instead! For best results, we recommend pairing our dematting service with a pet bath. 

Pet Baths

Warm, relaxing baths should not be reserved just for humans. We use high quality pet-safe shampoos and the best coat-treatment products to make sure your little friend looks their best and smells fresh. 

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Pet Teeth Cleaning

Often overlooked aspect of a pet’s hygiene is their oral health. The state of your pet’s teeth and mouth can drastically affect the quality of their life and their health. That is why we offer pet teeth cleaning in Safety Harbor, Florida. We gently brush away plague, tartar, and bacteria to help prevent problems with bad breath and tooth decay. 

We make sanitation our top priority, which is why we regularly clean and disinfect our tools and stations after each appointment. All our mobile pet styling safety Harbor services are 100% contactless and safe, and your pet is never kept locked in a cage surrounded by other animals.

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