Pet Baths

The Perfect Pet Bath Experience

Experience the ultimate in pet care with The Perfect Pet Bath Experience at Angie’s. Our team is dedicated to providing a soothing and luxurious bath for your furry friend. Using only the highest quality shampoos and conditioners, we ensure a clean, soft, and shiny coat for your pet.

Our gentle approach calms even the most anxious pets, making bath time a relaxing experience.. With our expert knowledge in pet skin care, we tailor each bath to your pet’s specific needs, leaving them refreshed and happy. Trust our expertise for a pampering session that prioritizes your pet’s comfort and health. Experience the difference with our professional pet bathing service today.

Pet Care Services

Mobile Pet Service

Mobile pet service brings convenience and convenience right to your doorstep.

Cat Grooming

Our goal is to ensure that your cat receives kind and gentle care, tailored to their temperament and needs.

Mobile Pet Service

Pet Nail Trim

Regardless of whether it is a cat or a dog, our service includes a safe and precise nail reduction procedure.

Mobile Pet Service

Pet's Fur Trim

We offer careful care to keep your pet's coat clean, healthy and tidy, ensuring their comfort and confidence.

Pet Baths

We offer a comfortable bathing experience to keep your pet clean, smelling good and happy after every bath.

Mobile Pet Service

Pet Hair Dematting

Our team is experienced in handling various types of mats and tangles, ensuring a gentle and effective dematting process.

Frequently Asked Questions about Our Pet Bath Services

Welcome to our Pet Bath Services FAQ section! Here you’ll find answers to common questions about our offerings. We are dedicated to providing top-notch care tailored to your pets’ unique needs, ensuring they receive the utmost comfort and attention.

The frequency of baths depends on your pet's breed, coat type, and lifestyle. Most dogs benefit from monthly baths, while cats may require less frequent bathing. We'll advise based on your pet's specific needs.

Absolutely! We cater to all breeds, sizes, and types of dogs and cats. Our experienced staff knows how to handle the unique requirements of each pet with care.

Ensure your pet is as relaxed as possible. A calm pet has a more enjoyable bathing experience. Feel free to bring their favorite toy or blanket to make them feel at home.

We use only high-quality, pet-safe shampoos and conditioners that cater to the specific needs of your pet's skin and coat, including hypoallergenic options for sensitive pets.

A standard bath session can vary depending on the pet's size, coat condition, and temperament but typically lasts between 30 minutes to an hour. We ensure each pet gets the time they need for a thorough clean.

Yes, but please inform us in advance. Our team is skilled in handling pets with various skin conditions and can select or recommend the appropriate products to use during their bath to avoid irritation.